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My mum came to visit us in 2019 and she could not go back home to Poland
because of COVID. One day she said let’s make some pierogi and sell them so I
can cover some of my living expenses. So we did and we are now an award
winning business with our Pierogi Polish Dumplings available across 30 gourmets
stores, delis, and fine dining Seven Sins Restaurant located in picturesque Perth
Our handmade pierogi are made from traditional recipes passed down from
my great grandmother Helena who passed the recipe on to my mother Wanda.
Julia, my daughter, will be the fifth generation to be handed this unique recipe.
Pierogi Polish dumplings are the national food of Poland, they are not like
Chinese dumpling, more like Italian ravioli but a much bigger size and shape, with
a light delicate dough filled with a pallet of assorted flavours to please all gourmet
food lovers.
There are three assorted Pierogi flavours available:
  1. Vegan – porcini mushrooms and sauerkraut,
  2. Vegetarian – sour cheese and potato,
  3. Meat lovers – beef and vegetables.
Pierogi Polish Dumplings are a traditional family affair in homes across
Poland. They are made together as a family usually consisting of three
generations in the kitchen. Grandmothers, daughters, and granddaughters will
spend hours in the kitchen preparing the fillings and rolling out the dough to make
by hand parcels of delicious Pierogi.
Pierogi Polish Dumplings are a new product introduced to many gourmet
stores and delis. Their popularity has exploded and is available in over 30
locations across WA. Customers who visit these stores will come across one of
our cooking demonstrations that provide free tastings of the pierogi.
Customers can try before they buy and be immersed in the Polish tradition without the need to travel. You cannot miss our staff in their traditional colourful flower crowns and popping red aprons showing our Pierogi logo.

I believe that one of the main reasons Pierogi Polish Dumplings is in such high demand so quickly is because of the high-quality ingredients and simple processes used in making our homestyle products. Quality Assured –  I would not be able to make and sell food for others that I would not lovingly prepare for my own family.

We use the highest grade organic products to hand-make our traditional dumplings. Our labelling information and portion sizes are ensured to the highest quality standards and are value for money.  Importantly though – we bring to your table from our home to yours, our love of and our dedication to a superior and interesting, traditional European meal to warm your heart and feed your soul.

The only thing left to say is  – “Bon Appetit” or in the language of my homeland “Smacznego”

Enjoy Pierogi Polish Dumplings!!


Aneta Gradek
Founder and Director
Mobile: 0431 153 703